Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to download mp3

There are many ways to download mp3's these days, simplest and most legal seems to be youtube to mp3 converting, via websites or other tools (record or download).
Record labels have finally realized the great potential of allowing copyrighted songs to be used on youtube, therefore anything that is on youtube can and will be converted to mp3 via the many methods out there.

The simple how-to is as follows:
1. grab the url of the video with song/sounds your interested in downloading mp3 format
2. past it into site such as and wait for conversion, download will auto start 20 seconds after completion.

As simple as that!

On this note I will conclude that if it's so easy to get the mp3 from youtube, knowing record labels have allowed singles to be put on youtube, they should just drop the act or even attempt at getting money for something that we can get free. But this free can be used to make profit in other ways; for instance the videos that get played also often display adverts which are capital generating in them self. And I think the conventional method of obtaining music in cds, records or otherwise will die out and eventually artists will have to make performances that draw a crowed, such events are the real capital generating for musicians these days.
So the spread of free music can just help to draw such capital from concert events and advertising power for other products.

All I know is that the entertainment industry is digitizing and with this change so will the profit generating methods will change and they should just accept and embrace the change to find new ways of making money instead of trying to reinforce the old conventional methods that will no longer work today.

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